G.E. Buys Honeywell

The manufacturer of the engines used on the BAe 146, Avro RJ, and Avro RJX is set to once again change names. In a surprise move, General Electric Company has agreed to acquire Honeywell International for $45 billion in stock. Honeywell had been widely expected to merge with GE rival United Technologies. The deal must be approved by US and European regulators. The BAe 146’s engine was originally built by Avco Lycoming, but the company was acquired by Textron and traded as Textron Lycoming. A further sale saw the AlliedSignal brand applied, and yet another brought the engines under the Honeywell name. GE has indicated it will use the “GE-Honeywell” brand on some of its products. GE is itself a major producer of aircraft engines, but all of its engines are substantially larger than those produced by Honeywell, making the two engine ranges very complementary.

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