Malmö Aviation receives first Avro RJ100

Malmö Aviation Avro RJ100 SE-DST

Malmö Aviation Avro RJ100 SE-DST in the airline’s new colors (BAE Systems)

After a long wait, Malmö Aviation has begun receiving the nine Avro RJ100s it ordered from BAE Systems’ Asset Management arm to replace its 146s. The first, SE-DST (msn E3247), was delivered on 14 November. For the airline, the choice of the Avro RJ100 is a logical one, as the 146 and the RJ are the only jets allowed to operate from Bromma. The 112-seat RJ100 offers a substantial increase in capacity over the 96-seat 146-200, allowing the airline to better utilize its scarce Bromma slots. Switching from the 146 to the newer RJ model promises to take care in one fell swoop of the many avionics upgrades that would have been required to continue operating 146s, while also providing the advantages of the RJ’s more reliable LF507 engines. The corrosion problems discovered on the former SAM RJ100s delayed deliveries repeatedly. Nine of Malmö Aviation’s current BAe 146-200s will be eventually be returned off-lease to BAE Systems’ Asset Management arm as the RJ100s arrive.

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