CityFlyer to disappear in Gatwick shake-up?

As part of its shake-up of operations at its loss-making London Gatwick hub, British Airways is planning to bring Avro RJ100 operator CityFlyer “more closely together” with its other subsidiary, European Operations at Gatwick (EOG). Many Gatwick-based longhaul flights will be suspended or transferred to Heathrow, with Gatwick operations focusing on shorthaul services. The move to integrate CityFlyer and EOG are part of the latter effort. Given the relative size of CityFlyer and EOG, and the much stronger voice of the latter’s unions, ‘integration’ is likely to mean Cityflyer being swallowed, although how absorbing low-cost, consistently profitable CityFlyer into high-cost, consistently unprofitable EOG will improve BA’s financial performance is unclear. An earlier plan to transfer routes from EOG to CityFlyer foundered in the face of union opposition.

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