Air Jet strikes out on its own

French BAe 146 operator Air Jet has separated from parent Jet Services. Jet Services was acquired by the TNT Post Group in December 1998. TNT’s interest was limited to Jet Service’s parcel distribution network. Neither the airline nor its three BAe 146s were integrated into the TNT network, partly because TNT did not need the capacity and partly because as convertible QCs AirJet’s 146s cannot carry TNT’s standard freight igloos. 146-200QC F-GMMP (msn E2176) was returned off-lease in July 2000, leaving the airline with two other examples: F-GLNI (msn E2188) and F-GOMA (msn E2211). A sale of the airline to Flightline was considered, but fell through. Instead, Air Jet became a stand-alone company in late 2000, with its Head Office in Bordeaux. Its two BAe 146-200QCs are used on passenger services on behalf of Air France during the day and to fly parcels for Jet Services at night. The company is considering acquiring additional 146s to expand.

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