British European cancels Avro RJX order

The other shoe has finally dropped. British European announced that it has cancelled the twelve RJX-100s, with eight options, that it had ordered. British European had planned to use the RJX to replace its fleet of seventeen BAe 146 jets (six series 300s, eight series 200s, and three series 100s). The RJX would have been perfect for the airline’s London City routes, as well as its profitable charter operations into restricted airports. The close fit of the type to British European’s requirements led it to consider carefully the option of taking delivery of the RJXs even though they would be orphans. Eventually, however, it decided against it. Neither BAE Systems nor British European would comment on what kind of compensation British European received for agreeing to cancel the contract. British European has already been contacted by several other manufacturers eager to sell aircraft in the current flat market.

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