OzJet may be stillborn

OzJet’s plan operate BAe 146s on routes linking secondary, close-in airports in eastern Australia may be over before it gets underway. Despite the airline’s intention to use BAe 146s, its plans have drawn vociferous opposition from airport neighbors. Only a few days after OzJet’s announcement, the management of Essendon airport outside Melbourne indicated that it would reject the airline’s bid to operate there. Even before OzJet’s plan, Essendon had faced a campaign by neighborhood activists to shut it down. The managements of Sydney’s Bankstown and Melbourne’s Moorabbin were more receptive, but there, too, neighborhood associations have been up in arms. Local and Federal government officials have also tended to oppose the project. OzJet had hoped to start operations in late fall, but these plans have now been pushed back by 18 months.

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