Start-up OzJet to fly BAe 146s

A new Australian low-cost airline is planning to operate BAe 146s. OzJet is the brainchild of Formula One Minardi Team executive Paul Stoddart. He plans to operate six BAe 146s on routes along Australia’s east coast. By using secondary, close-in airports such as Bankstown in Sydney, Essendon and Moorabbin in Melbourne, and Archerfield in Brisbane, he hopes to gain a competitive advantage over established airlines such as Qantas and low-cost Virgin Blue. The BAe 146s are a central part of this plan, partly because of their ability to operate from restricted airports and partly because of their low noise levels. By stressing the type’s quietness, Stoddart hopes to overcome some of the inevitable objections that the airports’ neighbors are sure to raise. Stoddart is negotiating with Ansett‘s receivers for several of the BAe 146s that have been in storage since the airline’s collapse. Current plans call for operations to start in late fall.

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