Aer Lingus BAe 146 pilots still grounded

Former Aer Lingus BAe 146-300 G-BSNS

Former Aer Lingus BAe 146-300 EI-CTN is parked at Southend, still wearing basic Aer Lingus colors but now registered as G-BSNS (Ian Howat)

A union dispute has kept many of the pilots who once flew Aer Lingus‘ BAe 146s grounded since the airline withdrew the aircraft late last year. Aer Lingus withdrew the six BAe 146s in a fleet simplification move. About 46 former BAe 146 flight crew have been at home on full pay since then, costing the airline some EUR2-3 million. They have yet to be retrained onto the airline’s Airbus fleet because of a dispute over whether they would be trained as pilots or first officers.

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