BAE Systems considers re-launching BAe 146QT freighter conversions

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft is examining the possibility of re-launching the BAe 146QT passenger to freighter conversion. 29 146s were converted during the 1980s by installing a large upward-opening freight door in the rear fuselage — 1 series 100QT, 13 series 200QTs, and 10 series 300QTs pure freighters, and five 200QCs convertible freighters. Most pure freighters are operated by TNT Airways and its subsidiary Pan Air Líneas Aéreas, with others flying for Australian Air Express and one former Ansett aircraft in storage. The convertible freighters are being flown by Titan and Axis Airways. BAE Systems expects to decide by the end of the year whether a new conversion program would be viable. Several possible conversion centers are being evaluated. Pemco World Air Services of Dothan, Alabama, who carried out the earlier conversions, has decided not to participate in future 146 conversions, but is working with BAE Systems to transfer its know-how.

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