Wing spoilers at fault in Stord crash?

The Norwegian Accident Investigation Board’s investigation into the crash of Atlantic Airways‘ BAe 146-200 OY-CRG (msn E2075) at Storde, Norway, on 10 October has revealed that the spoilers did not deploy. The 146 overran the runway and fell down a steep dropoff beyond the runway end. Three passengers and a flight attendant died in the ensuing fire. Despite a 6kt tailwind and a damp runway, the landing appeared to be normal. At that point, however, neither of two independent spoiler systems deployed. The BAe 146 has two independent spoiler systems, one controlling a single spoiler on each wing and the other controlling a pair of spoilers on each wing. The spoilers reduce lift and help make braking action more effective. On Avro RJs, spoilers deploy automatically at touchdown, but on BAe 146s they are meant to be deployed by the crew. The investigation has not yet established the reason for the spoilers not deploying.

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