Turkish Airlines ends Avro RJ operations

Turkish Airlines Avro RJ100 TC-THH

Turkish Airlines returned Avro RJ100 TC-THH to BAE Systems on 8 November; she is now stored at Kemble (Michael Brazier)

Turkish Airlines (THY) ended Avro RJ operations in early December, and returned their last aircraft, RJ100 TC-THA (msn E3232) to BAE Systems. THY initially ordered five RJ100s in 1993, and then added several more later, as well as four RJ70s. The airline lost no less than three examples to landing accidents; fortunately, two of the losses did not result in any fatalities. At one point, the airline briefly grounded its remaining RJs because of suspected corrosion, but later put them back into service. The airline’s mechanics, who were evidently not enamored of the RJ, got into trouble when they sacrificed a camel at Istanbul Airport to celebrate the RJ’s retirement.

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