RAF signs up for LCD flightdeck upgrade

BAE Systems Regional Aircraft’s LCD flightdeck modification for early-model BAe 146s has won a royal seal of approval. The UK Ministry of Defence has contracted for the flightdecks of the two BAe 146 CC2s operated by No 32 (The Royal) Squadron to be upgraded. The first aircraft will be modified in early 2008, with the second following by the beginning of 2009. Although the RAF has announced its intention to procure two new aircraft to replace the 146s on Royal and Ministerial transport duties, the 146s remain in heavy demand for military transport and communication duties. One aircraft has been based in the Middle East, supporting British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. To date, nine 146s operated by Eurowings and Air Dolomiti have received the LCD flightdeck upgrade. BAE Systems has been asked to prepare quotations for several more operators.

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