Club Air route confusion

Italian Avro RJ operator Club Air seems to be having some difficulties in settling on a route network. Since they resumed flying in August, they have announced many new routes, and then often dropped them after a brief time, or even before starting them. In June, they had announced a plan to operate a hub at Ancona’s Falconara Airport, with flights to four domestic and eight international destinations, but by mid-September they were only flying on three routes (L’viv, Paris, and Tirana) with two others having been started but quickly cancelled (Catania and Pristina), and the others never even started. In mid-September, the airline then announced a busy schedule of flights from Reggio Calabria, to begin 1 October, only to cancel them all on 30 September. Other routes have had a similar on-off pattern. Not surprisingly, these frequent schedule changes have not resulted in high passenger loads. One flight, from Verona to Bari, carried a single passenger. Club Air currently operate one Avro RJ70 and one RJ85, but are planning to supplement them with leased MD-80s.

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