Partial colors for some Brussels Airlines Avro RJs

Brussels Airlines Avro RJ85 OO-DJX

Brussels Airlines Avro RJ85 OO-DJX in hybrid colors (Airwim)

Since its launch in late March, Brussels Airlines has been gradually repainting their fleet in their new colors, with aircraft following each other in the QAPS paintshop in Amsterdam. By the end of September, six of fourteen Avro RJ85s and ten of twelve RJ100s had been repainted. With the QAPS paintshop booked solid by other clients, however, the airline had to find another solution. Beginning in early October, it has been sending RJs to Norwich for painting by Sprayavia. However, these RJs have only been partially repainted, with the new tail colors applied while retaining the previous SN Brussels Airlines fuselage. To date, four RJ85s and two RJ100s have received this hybrid color scheme.

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