Swiss Avro RJ100s mark Euro 2008 competition

Swiss Avro RJ100 HB-IYW

Swiss Avro RJ100 HB-IYW with Euro 2008 markings (Emmanuel Perez)

Swiss has added special ‘The airline for all fans’ markings to several of their Avro RJ100s, including HB-IXN (msn E3286), -IXO (msn E3284), -IXP (msn E3283), -IXR (msn E3281), -IXT (msn E3259), -IXU (msn E3276), -IXV (msn E3274), -IXW (msn 3272), -IXX (msn E3262), -IYR (msn 3382), -IYW (msn E3359), -IYY (msn E3339), and -IYZ (msn E3338). The markings are carried below the cabin windows, on the port side only (except on -IXN which carries them on both sides). they celebrate the airline’s sponsorship of the Euro 2008 football competition that will be played in Switzerland and Austria, beginning on 7 June.

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