Air Congo operating BAe 146s

Air Congo 146 TN-AHX

Air Congo 146 TN-AHX taking off from Pointe Noire (Jacques Guillem)

Air Congo is operating three BAe 146s on services within the Republic of Congo and to neighboring countries. (The Republic of Congo, often known as Congo-Brazzaville, should not be confused with the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.) Three BAe 146s have been observed flying for Air Congo, including TN-AHX (msn E2051, ex ZS-PSY), TN-AIB (msn E2046 ex EI-CNB), and TN-AIC (msn E2044 ex EI-CMS). All three 146s are former CityJet aircraft acquired by South Africa’s Mouritzen Family Trust, which is affiliated with Allegiance Air.

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