Brussels Airlines completes BAe 146 phase-out

Brussels Airlines BAe 146s in storage

Brussels Airlines BAe 146s in storage: OO-DJF, OO-DJG, and OO-DJJ and OO-MJE in AirDC colors (Rutger Beyen)

Brussels Airlines phased out its last two BAe 146-200s at the end of October. The airline had six examples of the type when it was created by merging SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express in March 2007, along with fourteen Avro RJ85s, and twelve RJ100s. Two of the six, OO-DJJ (msn E2196) and OO-MJE (msn E2192), were withdrawn from use early in 2008, in anticipation of their use by AirDC. That project has suffered a number of delays, however, so the two 146s have remained parked at Brussels. On 10 August, they were joined in storage by OO-DJE (msn E2164). OO-DJF (msn E2167) has been used solely as a backup aircraft since the summer. The airline’s last two 146s, OO-DJG (msn E2180) and OO-DJH (msn E2172), remained in service until the end of the summer schedule, and then they, too, were placed in storage. Brussels Airlines still hopes to place several of the 146s with AirDC, and is reported to be in talks to lease out the others.

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