Mahan Air operates a BAe 146

Mahan Air BAe 146 EX-27000

Mahan Air BAe 146 EX-27000 at Tehran (Iman-Iranian Spotters)

BAe 146-300 EX-27000 (msn E3216 ex B-2717) was spotted at Tehran’s Mehrabad International Airport in early December wearing the colors of Iranian airline Mahan Air. Like several other aircraft in Mahan Air’s fleet, she is registered in Kyrgyzstan to avoid the US embargo on sales of high technology to Iran. The BAe 146 is subject to the embargo because of its US-built engines and avionics. Mahan Air is reportedly operating her to domestic destinations such as Zahedan, Kerman, Iran Shahr, Shiraz, Asaloee, Mashhad, Sirjan, Mahshahr, and Isfahan. She is one of the BAe 146-300s previously operated by China Eastern, who have been in storage for several years.

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