Aerovías DAP resumes Antarctic flights

After the winter hiatus, Chilean airline Aerovías DAP has resumed flights to the Antarctic using BAe 146-200 CC-CZP (msn E2042). After completion of a C check, CC-CZP was ferried to the airline’s base at Punta Arenas, at the southern tip of Chile, on 24 December. Flights to the Antarctic resumed on 10 November, at the start of the southern hemipshere’s summer, but the late start of the C check meant that CC-CZP was not ready in time. In the interim, the airline chartered C-130s from the Chilean and Uruguayan Air Forces when loads justified it (a Beech King Air is used for smaller groups). Aerovías DAP’s antarctic flights bring passengers from Punta Arenas to Frei Base, on Rey Jorge Island, in Chile’s Antarctic Territory, where passengers can visit the research facilities and observe the wildlife. Flights will continue until the end of March.

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