10-aircraft rule threatens Indonesian 146/RJ operators

A new rule requiring airlines to have a minimum of 10 aircraft is threatening Indonesia’s BAe 146 and Avro RJ operators. Under the rule, any airlines that does not operate at least 10 aircraft by 2012, at least five of which must be owned, will have to merge or shut down. Previously, airlines only needed to have two owned aircraft. Among Indonesia’s BAe 146 and Avro RJ operators, only Pelita, which operates Avro RJ85 PK-PJJ (msn E2239) on behalf of the Indonesian government, and Airfast, which operates BAe 146-100 PK-OSP (msn E1124) on behalf of Metro TV owner Surya Paloh, meet the new requirements, as they have large fleets of other types. On the other hand, Linus Airways‘ entire fleet consists of two BAe 146-200s, PK-LNI (msn E2204) and PK-LNJ (msn E2210), while Manunggal Air‘s BAe 146-100, PK-VTM (msn E1009), is complemented by a single C160 Transall. Riau Airlines comes closest to meeting the new requirements, as its two Avro RJ100s, PK-RAY (msn E3243) and PK-RAZ (msn E3265), are complemented by five Fokker 50s, leaving it only three aircraft short.

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