BAE Systems offers military BAe 146

Impression of the BAe 146M

Impression of the BAe 146M (BAE Systems)

BAE Systems intends to promote the BAe 146 to the world’s military as a cost-effective replacement for ageing turboprop and jet airliner transport aircraft. The company made the announcement at the Defence Services & Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI) in London. The BAe 146M could take on a wide variety of non tactical air transport roles, thereby reducing the burden and prolonging the fatigue life of tactical aircraft such as the Lockheed C-130 Hercules. The BAe 146M’s shortfield performance would also allow it to undertake some of the more challenging air transport support roles, including operations from unpaved runways. BAE Systems is offering the BAe 146M in passenger, freighter, or combi configurations. A variety of options could also be fitted, including additional fuel tanks, LCD Flight deck displays, steep approach and unpaved runway capability. The BAe 146M could also be used as a platform for specialist roles such as paratroop transport, medical evacuation, forward air refueller, or general surveillance duties. With several BAe 146-200s and -300s in storage and due to come off-lease in coming years, BAE Systems is able to offer relatively short delivery timescales. BAe (as it then was) had offered a specialized military version, the BAe 146STA Small Tactical Airlifter, in the late 1980s, but failed to secure any orders.

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