Italiatour to shift flights to Genova

Italiatour RJ85 I-CLBA in Basel

Italiatour RJ85 I-CLBA arrives in Basel on September 27 (David Levain)

Italiatour Airlines is planning to switch its hub to Genova beginning on 30 October. Flights will be operated to Barcelona (three times a week), Crotone (daily except Sunday), and Palermo (three times a week). The airline will also continue its routes from Crotone to Bologna and to Brescia (each three times a week, on alternating days). Italiatour has currently suspended all flights, following maintenance problems with its sole aircraft, Avro RJ85 I-CLBA (msn E2300). Although it initially announced it would resume flights in early October, it now appears that it will wait until the start of the new Genova-based schedule on 30 October. In the meantime, I-CLBA was ferried to Basel on 27 September, reportedly for an engine change.

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