Tronos tests BAe 146 air tanker

Tronos BAe 146 air tanker

Tronos BAe 146 air tanker makes her first aerial drop (Tronos)

Lessor Tronos has tested a BAe 146 air tanker, making an initial air drop on 28 October. The tanker modification, which was designed especially for Tronos, include a 3,000 US gal internal tank with four drop chutes. Tronos had earlier been involved in a joint project to develop an air tanker with BAE Systems and Minden Air, but that design had proven impractical and was abandoned. Tronos then decided to proceed independently, and contracted an engineering firm with prior experience of such modifications to develop a new design. Former Air Wisconsin BAe 146-200 N608AW (msn E2049) was selected for the initial conversion, which was carried out in-house by Tronos engineers. Tests began in August, culminating in the first aerial drop on 28 October. Tronos hopes to obtain a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the US FAA in the next few months, potentially allowing the 146 tanker to be ready for the 2010 fire season.

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