Eurowings cuts back

Eurowings has announced a drastic reduction in its fleet, which will see all of its Bombardier CRJ200s and CRJ700s phased out. The airline has already been drawing down its BAe 146 fleet. D-AEWO (msn E3162) was the first to leave, in May. Since then, retirements have taken place on a monthly basis, with D-AEWP (msn E3165) leaving in June, D-AEWB (msn E3183) in July, D-AEWN (msn E3158) in August, D-AEWD (msn E2069) in September, D-AEWM (msn E3125) and D-AJET (msn E2201) in October, D-AEWE (msn E2077) in November, and D-AEWA (msn E3163) in December. D-AHOI (msn E3187) should be the next to depart, leaving the airline with series 200s D-AQUA (msn E2077), D-AEWF (msn E2184), D-ACFA (msn E2200), and D-AEWQ (msn E3203) and series 300 D-AEWL (msn E3123).

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