TTA Airlink begins Avro RJ85 operations

TTA Airlink, a joint venture between South Africa’s Airlink and Mozambique’s Sociedade de Transporte e Trabalho Aéreo (TTA) began operations on 14 February using an Avro RJ85. The airline, which is 49% owned by Airlink and 51% by TTA, was formed in early February to take advantage of a new bilateral air agreement which replaced a previous agreement that limited services between the two countries to the two flag carriers. The plan called for a daily roundtrip to be flown from Johannesburg to Maputo from 14 February, and then later add domestic services within Mozambique. On 8 February, however, Mozambique’s Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) seemed to quash the plan by announcing that TTA Airlink was not authorized to fly the Johannesburg-Maputo route. The route had been assigned to TTA, argued the IACM, and not to TTA Airlink. Some legal and bureaucratic maneuvering ensued, which culminated in the IACM grudgingly allowing TTA Airlink to proceed. Accordingly, an Airlink Avro RJ85 flew to Maputo on Sunday, 14 February, to begin the services. As per the IACM’s requirements, she had TTA Airlink titles and flew the Mozambican flag. The route is flown once a day, with an early morning departure from Johannesburg and a late afternoon return, thus allowing a full day’s work in Maputo. The intention is to add domestic services in the intervening hours, with Beira, Tete, and Nampula likely destinations.

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