CityJet modifies its color scheme

CityJet RJ85 EI-RJT

CityJet RJ85 EI-RJT displays the airline’s new acolors at Dublin (Colin Keogh)

CityJet has modified its color scheme, adding two rows of grey and red dots to the lower part of the fuselage of the Avro RJ85s that are painted in its colors (about half its fleet is painted in the colors of parent Air France). The dots had initially been applied to the Fokker 50s of VLM, which CityJet has bought, as they were repainted into CityJet colors. RJ85 EI-RJT (msn E2366) was the first to receive the new colors. CityJet has also recently decided to eliminate business class on its Avro RJ fleet, replacing it with a premium economy product. The move will not involve any physical changes in the cabin, however, except for the removal of the movable curtain which separated ‘business class’ seats at the front of the cabin from identical ‘economy’ seats in the back. The forward seats will now be used for the new premium economy, dubbed ‘CityPlus’. CityPlus passengers will receive additional amenities compared with regular economy passengers, but will not be guaranteed an empty middle seat as in the old business class.

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