BAE Systems introduces ABJ ‘Explorer’

Explorer One's Air Deck

Drinks out on the deck, anyone? Explorer One’s Air Deck (BAE Systems)

As part of its efforts to promote the Avro Business Jet (ABJ), BAE Systems Regional Aircraft introduced the ABJ Explorer at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) show in Genève. The ABJ Explorer is the first of five new concepts for the ABJ that BAE Systems is developing in partnership with Design Q. It features a unique “Air Deck” viewing platform in the aft fuselage. The Air Deck, which is adapted from the cargo side-door modification is electrohydraulically controlled. The upward-hinged cargo door can be opened in small increments to adjust the amount of cover it provides; the deck itself then slides out from the fuselage, providing an elevated outdoor viewing deck. Air Deck takes about five minutes to set up. The ABJ Explorer is being offered in two versions, the Explorer One and Four, both of which feature the Air Deck. The Explorer One cabin has a large lounge area bracketed by curved sofas, while the Explorer Four incorporates more privacy, with four private cabins for travelers.

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