More BAe 146s axed at Exeter

Former Fybe BAe 146s G-GNTZ and G-MANS

Former Fybe BAe 146s G-GNTZ and G-MANS await their fate (Chris Hall)

Exeter Airport appears to have gone on a cleaning spree, with several former Flybe BAe 146-200s that had been in storage for a long time being broken up and removed. G-GNTZ (msn E2036), G-JEAS (msn E2020), and G-MANS (msn E2088) were all broken up in early October. The remains of G-GNTZ and G-JEAS were removed completely, but the fuselage of G-MANS still remains. Two stored series 300s had already met a similar fate earlier this year: G-JEAM (msn E3128) and G-OINV (msn E3171) had been broken up in June. Exeter’s once large population of 146s in long-term storage has thus been reduced to series 300 G-JEBF (msn E3202), which is being slowly parted out by Ansett Aviation Services, and Orionair‘s EC-JVJ (msn E3195).

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