RAF BAe 146 takes part in Libyan evacuations

RAF BAe 146 CC.2 ZE701

RAF BAe 146 CC.2 ZE701 arrives in Malta on 24 February (Claude Attard Bezzina)

A BAe 146 from the Royal Air Force’s No.32 (The Royal) Squadron took part in Operation Deference, the effort to evacuate British citizens from Libya, where the government has responded violently to popular demands for reform. BAe 146 CC.2 ZE701 (msn E1029) was positioned to Malta on 24 February, staging through RAF Lyneham. She joined a task force which also included two Lockheed C-130s, several Boeing Chinook HC.2 helicopters, and two Royal Navy ships, HMS Cumberland and HMS York. The C-130s and ships carried out the bulk of the evacuations, but on 26 February 26 ZE701 flew into Tripoli to extract the staff of the British Embassy.

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