North Cariboo to operate a BAe 146

BAe 146 C-GRNT

BAe 146 C-GRNT will finally leave storage (Peter Unmuth)

After several years’ absence, the BAe 146 will once again be used commercially within Canada. North Cariboo Air has acquired former Jazz series 200 C-GRNT (msn E2140). C-GRNT has been in storage at Calgary since June 2005. A sale to Mexico’s Ka’an Beel Air (KBA) fell through in 2008. In 2010 she was sold to Canada’s Avmax, but plans to operate her for Axmax subsidiary Regional 1 airline also fell through, and she remained in storage at Calgary. North Cariboo plans to base her at Calgary and use her primarily in support of the oil sands industry. The airline has also acquired C-FBAV (msn E2121) for use as a spares source. Like C-GRNT, C-FBAV has been in storage at Calgary since 2005.

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