Brussels Airlines denies abandoning Korongo project

Brussels Airlines has denied rumors that it intends to abandon its plan to establish an airline, Korongo Airlines, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The airline and its partner, Georges Forrest International (GFI), have already invested over EUR11 million in the project. Brussels Airlines will provide two BAe 146-200s and a Boeing 737-300 to Korongo. All three have already been painted in the Congolese airline’s colors, but are flying on Brussels Airlines routes while awaiting their transfer to Africa. However, Korongo has so far failed to obtain an import licence for the aircraft from the Congolese authorities, despite fulfilling all the requirements that these have imposed – requirements far in excess of those typically asked of other Congolese airlines. Disputes between Georges Forrest and Congolese President Joseph Kabila are rumored to be one of the causes of the “administrative difficulties” the airline is encountering.

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