UK Ministry of Defence shops for BAe 146QCs

The UK Ministry of Defence has published a contract notification for two BAe 146-200QCs. Citing an “urgent operational requirement”, the tender sets a deadline of midnight on 13 January for offers. The deal could be worth as much a UKP6 million (US$9.3 million) for the pair – a good price in the current market. The 146QCs would be used to support UK troops deployed in Afghanistan, complementing the Royal Air Force’s C-130 Hercules fleet. Only five BAe 146QCs were built, limiting the potential suppliers: three are operated by Titan Airways (G-ZAPK msn E2148, G-ZAPN msn E2119, and G-ZAPO msn E2176) and two by TNT Airways (OO-TAY msn E2211, and OO-TAZ msn E2188). TNT had previously expressed an interest in disposing of their QCs.

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