Starbow leases a BAe 146

BAe 146-300 ZS-SMO operating for Starbow

BAe 146-300 ZS-SMO operating for Starbow (Paul Morley)

Ghanaian airline Starbow has leased BAe 146-300 ZS-SMO (msn E3169) from South Africa’s Fair Aviation. ZS-SMO arrived in Accra in mid-April, with Starbow’s titles and logo applied on top of Fair Aviation’s colors. She will help cover for scheduled maintenance to Starbow’s first two 146s. The airline was to have received its third BAe 146, series 300 G-BUHB (msn E3183, ex D-AEWB), but she is still awaiting post-storage maintenance at Bucuresti’s Baneasa airport.

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