CityJet Avro RJ85 painted in special colors

CityJet RJ85 EI-RJX in special colors

CityJet RJ85 EI-RJX displays her special colors at Dublin (David Kennedy)

CityJet has painted Avro RJ85 EI-RJX (msn E2372) in a special color scheme celebrating the Leinster rugby team. CityJet is the official carrier for the team. EI-RJX, which had been in the colors of CityJet parent Air France, operated a regular Air France flight to Dublin on 1 May, then entered the Eirtech paintshop. She was rolled out on 17 May wearing a scheme based on the team’s blue and white colors. The following day, she carried the team to Luton for the final of the Heineken Cup. She then brought them back on 20 May, following their victory, before re-entering regular airline service later that day.

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