Starbow BAe 146s return to UK for maintenance

Starbow BAe 146 9G-SBB at Southend

Starbow BAe 146 9G-SBB at Southend in early June (David Oates)

The first two BAe 146s of Ghanaian airline Starbow took turns returning to the UK for maintenance. Series 300 9G-SBA (msn E3125) came first, arriving in Southend on 16 May. After maintenance by Inflite, she departed back to Accra on 2 June. She was then immediately replaced by series 300 9G-SBB (msn E3123) on 3 June, who stayed until 24 June. Their absence was to have been covered by the arrival of the airline’s third 146, series 300 G-BUHB (msn E3183), on lease from Riva Investments. However, her delivery was delayed and Starbow had to lease series 300 ZS-SMO (msn E3169) instead. G-BUHB did end up making herself useful, however. On 11 May, she had been ferried to Southend from Bucuresti Baneasa, where she had been stored. She had then been painted in Starbow colors. As 9G-SBA and -SBB came through Southend, they each received one of G-BUHB’s engines as their own underwent repairs. The upshot is that G-BUHB’s delivery to Ghana as 9G-SBC is now further delayed, as she awaits the completion of repairs to what will now be her engines.

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