Neptune gets new BAe 146 air tanker

BAe 146 N145FF at Summerside

BAe 146 N145FF at Summerside (Rob Sowald)

Neptune Aviation received its second BAe 146-200 air tanker on July 31. Series 200 N471NA (msn E2136 ex N145FF) was initially built for Hawai’i’s Discovery Airlines, and was most recently operated by CityJet. Like Neptune’s first tanker, she was converted by Tronos at Summerside, on Prince Edward Island, and has a 3,000 gallon capacity. In mid-June, the company received a contract from the US Forest Service (USFS) for two additional two 146 tankers. N471NA was ferried from Summerside all white, and will be painted in Neptune’s colors at its Missoula base. After some checks are completed, she is due to become Tanker 41, joining N146FF ‘Tanker 40’ (msn E2049) in Neptune’s fleet.

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