BAe 146 returns to Tanzania

BAe 146-200 ZS-AAY at Dar es Salaam

BAe 146-200 ZS-AAY at Dar es Salaam in September (Paul Daw)

South African-based BAe 146 ZS-AAY (msn E2044) returned to Tanzania during the summer. She had previously been based in the country in 2011, on lease to Air Zara International, although she apparently did not operate any services during her stay there except for a single flight to Kigoma in August. After returning to South Africa in late 2011, she had been flown to Benin at the end of the year, apparently to operate for a new airline. Her stay in Benin appears to have proved equally unproductive, however. She has now returned to Tanzania, where she was seen in mid August, devoid of any markings save for her registration.

Any details on ZS-AAY’s operations in Tanzania and Benin would be extremely welcome. Please contact the editor.

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