Bulgaria Air withdraws BAe 146s

Bulgaria Air's BAe 146s parked at Sofia

Bulgaria Air’s BAe 146s parked at Sofia in mid-December; LZ-HBA is at lower right (Google Earth)

Bulgaria Air has withdrawn its BAe 146s from service. Series 200 LZ-HBZ (E2103) had already been parked in November 2011. She was then joined by series 200 LZ-HBB (msn E2073) in April 2012, and by Series 300 LZ-HBE (msn E3131) in June. Series 300 LZ-HBF (msn E3159) was retired next, after operating LZB302 from Praha to Sofia on 23 September. Series 300 LZ-HBG (msn E3146) followed, her last flight being LZB438 from Frankfurt to Sofia on 11 October. The single series 200, LZ-HBC (msn E2093), soldiered on until 1 December, when she operated LZB975 from Sofia to Bourgas. She was later ferried back to Sofia and parked with her sisters. Series 200 LZ-HBA (msn E2072) has also been stored at Sofia since March 2008, following her landing accident at Bacău in January of that year. It is not known whether the group’s VIP-configured Avro RJ70, LZ-TIM (msn E1258), has also been retired.

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