More Avro RJ100s prepared for Asian Express Airlines

Asian Express RJ100 G-CGNU

RJ100 G-CGNU returns to Exeter in Asian Express colors (Ashley Stevens)

Several more Avro RJ100s are being prepared for delivery to Asian Express Airline. The airline took delivery of its first RJ100, G-CGNT (msn E3374), on October 28; she has since been re-registered as EY-572. Another former Aegean RJ100, G-CGNU (msn E3375 ex SX-DVF), was ferried from Exeter, where she had been stored, to Bournemouth on 19 November, emerging from the Airbourne Colours paintshop in Asian Express colors on 27 November. She then returned to Exeter for additional work prior to delivery. She departed on delivery to Dushanbe on 3 December. Two former BA CityFlyer RJ100s are also being readied. G-BZAT (msn E3320), who had been in storage at Kemble, was ferried to Exeter on 12 October, and then on to Bournemouth on 14 December. She was rolled out in Asian Express colors on 20 December, and then returned to Exeter. G-BZAX (msn E3356) had also been ferried from Kemble to Exeter, on 5 November, and is now being worked on prior to taking her turn in the paintshop. Both are expected to be delivered in early 2013.

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