Falko offers high-altitude modification for Avro RJ85

Falko announced that it is offering a modification for the Avro RJ85 to allow it to operate into high-altitude airfields. The Hi Alt Mod allows the RJ85 to operate at airfields with elevations up to 13,400ft, compared to the certificated limit of 8,000ft for unmodified aircraft. The modification, which was developed in cooperation with BAE Systems Regional Aircraft and is EASA approved, includes high speed wheels, an upgrade to the pressurisation system to prevent the oxygen masks deploying unintentionally, and changes to the Flight Manual. BAe 146s are currently being used by Bolivia’s Transporte Aéreo Militar (TAM), Chile’s Aerovías DAP, and Peru’s StarPerú, as well as by Bolivian mining company Minera San Cristobal. Falko is hoping that the Avro RJ85 will repeat this success, and that the Hi Alt Mod will contribute to making the newer model more attractive. Aerovías DAP recently added the region’s first RJ85, on lease from Atlantic Airways.

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