Ecojet receives operating license

Bolivian Avro RJ operator Ecojet finally received its operating license from the country’s Telecommunications and Transport Authority (ATT) on 28 October. By statute, the process should have taken 30 days, but amid objections from competitors and bureaucratic delays it actually took 120. This last hurdle overcome, airline is now hoping to start services as soon as possible. Planned destinations include Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Sucre, La Paz, Potosí, Trinidad, Riberalta, Cobija, and Guayaramerín. A possible start date of 4 November has been mentioned, but this seems rather optimistic in view of the need to advertise the new services. Ecojet has received two RJ85s CP-2788 (msn E2278) and CP-2814 (msn E2317 ex D-AVRR). They have been conducting training and demonstration flights while awaiting the beginning of operations.

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