LaMia Avro RJ85 ferried to Venezuela

LaMia Avro RJ85 P4-LOR

Trying again — LaMia RJ85 P4-LOR departing Norwich on 18 October (Bradley Bygrave)

LaMia has ferried the first of four former CityJet Avro RJ85s to Venezuela. RJ85 P4-LOR (msn E2348 ex EI-RKJ), who had been in storage at Norwich since May 2012, departed on 16 October. Technical problems forced a return to Norwich for work by KLM Engineering. She departed again, this time successfully, two days later, arriving in Caracas on 22 October. The airline’s three other RJ85s, P4-GIU (msn E2349 ex EI-RJL), P4-TIZ (msn E2350 ex EI-RJM), and P4-ARI (msn E2370 ex EI-RJV), remain in storage at Norwich.

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