Avro RJ85 Air Tanker enters service with Aero-Flite

Aero-Flite RJ85 Air Tanker N354AC/Tanker 161

Aero-Flite RJ85 Air Tanker N354AC/Tanker 161 arrives in Portland on her way to Redding (Russell Hill)

Aero-Flite recently placed its Avro RJ85 Air Tankers into service. Both N839AC/Tanker 160 (msn E2270) and N354AC/Tanker 161 (msn E2256) were ferried to Redding on 25 July, Tanker 160 from Missoula, where her crew had been training, and Tanker 161 from Abbotsford, via Portland. Both then moved on to Moses Lake in Washington State on 4 August, to help fight the fires affecting that area. N355AC/Tanker 162 (msn E2293) joined them there on 5 August. All three RJ85s were modified by Conair at Abbotsford.

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