SkyJet starts … and ends charters to Taiwan

SkyJet‘s first foray into international services did not go very well. The airline started a series of charters from Kalibo, on Boracay Island, to Taipei, on Taiwan, on 15 August — then abruptly cancelled the contract less than a week later. The airline had been contracted by Taiwanese tour operators to fly 13 charters between Kalibo and Taipei between 15 and 31 August, using BAe 146-100 RP-C8538 (msn E1015). The charters got off to a bad start, with the very first one being cancelled due to mechanical problems. Several more were then cancelled, until eventually the entire program was axed, stranding nearly 200 Taiwanese tourists from four tour groups on Boracay. The charters linked to SkyJet’s new service to Kalibo, which replaces Caticlan. The airline has leased a Dornier 328 to complement its BAe 146.

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