Starbow resumes operations

Ghana’s Starbow Airlines resumed operations on 4 November. Operations had been suspended in the wake of the hydraulic failure experienced by BAe 146-200 9G-SBD (msn E2059) on 28 October, to allow the airline’s remaining aircraft to be inspected. Although a statement by Deputy Transport Minister Joyce Bawa Mogtari on 29 October suggested that the airline had been grounded, Ghana Civil Aviation Authority officials later clarified that the authority had only ordered that its aircraft be inspected and any problems rectified before they flew again. With this process completed, Starbow once again took to the air. With 146-300 9G-SBA (msn E3125) having been parked at Accra for over a year and 9G-SBD currently out of action, the airline’s fleet has been reduced to two 146-300s.

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