Air Libya BAe 146-300 burned at Dahra

Air Libya has lost a second aircraft as a result of the turmoil afflicting the country. In July 2014, Avro RJ100 5A-FLB (msn E3234) was written off after being severely damaged during fighting near Tripoli’s airport. Now BAe 146-300 5A-DKQ (msn E3191) — Air Libya’s first 146, acquired in 2009 — has been destroyed by fire at Dahra Airport, in eastern Libya. She had been stored at Benghazi since June 2013, awaiting a C Check, and then flown to Dahra for safekeeping in July 2014. The fighting caught up with her, however. On 9 May, she was set afire by militants fighting for control of the airport, and burned to the ground. In the meantime, Avro RJ100 5A-FLB (msn E3234) has been declared an insurance write off as a result of the damage it incurred during fighting at Tripoli airport in July 2014.

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