Former Cello Avro RJ85 sold to Aerovías DAP

Aerovías DAP Avro RJ85 CC-ANS

Aerovías DAP’s Avro RJ85 CC-ANS seen on approach to Brasilia on 10 January during her ferry flight to Chile (Thiago Pereira Machado)

Chile’s Aerovías DAP has acquired former Cello Avro RJ85 G-LENM (msn E2273) from Falko. She had been parked at Cranfield since being returned off-lease by Cello in October. After a brief flight test on 19 December, her registration was cancelled on 23 December, and she was registered as CC-ANS to Aerovías DAP on 30 December (although the Chilean registration had actually been applied a few days earlier). She departed Cranfield for Chile on 8 January, routing via Rabat and Grand Canaria, then continuing on the following day to Praia and Natal, and then on 10 January to Brasilia, Asunción, and finally Santiago.

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