CityJet warns against higher charges at London City

CityJet Executive Chairman Pat Byrne has warned that higher charges would jeopardize the viability of operations at London City, the airline’s main hub. “The airport is expensive for airlines,” said Mr Byrne, “both in terms of equipment required to operate within the unique physical constraints of the airport, and also in terms of the airport’s charge per passenger, which is the highest by far of any of London’s six airports.” The airline is concerned that a proposed sale of the airport by current owner Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) for a proposed UKP2 billion (about USD2.9 billion) would force the new owners to raise charges to recoup their investment. “This brings into question the long term sustainability of airline operations at London City Airport,” Mr Byrne said. British Airways CEO Willie Walsh voiced similar concerns last week, and threatened to draw down its London City operations if charges are raised. Flybe has also expressed reservations.

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