LaMia Avro RJ85 crashes in Colombia

Avro RJ85 CP-2933 (msn E2348) of LaMia Bolivia crashed while on approach to Rionegro Airport, outside Medellín, Colombia. The flight had departed from Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia, on a charter flight for the Chapecoense Real football team, who was scheduled to play the final of the Copa Sudamericana against Medellín’s Atlético Nacional team. CP-2933 had on board 68 passengers and nine LaMia employees. The pilot reported electrical problems just prior to contact being lost. The wreckage of the aircraft was found in a mountainous area south of the airport, in the vicinity of the rionegro VOR. Six of the people on board are reported to have survived, but one was said to have died of his injuries. CP-2933 is thought to be LaMia Bolivia’s only operational RJ85.

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