Airlink Avro RJ85 flies to St. Helena

Airlink Avro RJ85 ZS-SSH

Airlink Avro RJ85 ZS-SSH lands on St Helena’s runway 20 at 13:55 local time (What the Saints did next)

South Africa’s Airlink operated St Helena’s first commercial airline service on 3 May, when Avro RJ85 ZS-SSH (msn E2285) flew from Cape Town to the Atlantic island. The flight was a charter organized by the St Helena government to cover for repairs to the ship that normally connects the Island to South Africa. The flight, SA8878, departed Cape Town at 08:20L with 60 passengers on board and made a refueling stop in Namibe, Angola, before proceeding over the South Atlantic. She landed on the new St Helena Airport’s runway 20 at 13:55L. She then departed back to South Africa as SA8879 an hour later, carrying 48 passengers. After a refueling stop in Windhoek, Namibia, she arrived back in Cape Town at 23:36L. The St Helena government has issued a request for proposals for the provision of scheduled passenger services to the island; the preferred bidder should be announced shortly. An earlier tender had resulted in a contract to South Africa’s Comair to operate a Boeing 737-800 from Johannesburg, but this was cancelled after severe windshear was experienced on approach to the airport’s runway 20. Start-up Atlantic Star Airlines arranged a test flight to St Helena by a Tronos RJ100 in October 2016, and Embraer later operated a similar test flight with an Embraer 190 in December.

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